Trump Wins Landslide In Washington's Early Results

May 25, 2016

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is the projected winner of Washington state's republican primary.

He has won 76 percent of votes in the early results, but more ballots need to be counted.

For the democrats, Hillary Clinton is leading with 54 percent. But the democratic party does not use the primary results.

Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Ben Carson each earned 10 percent or less.

Trump could take home all of the state's 44 delegates. He won by a landslide in all counties. At the most, Trump got 85 percent of votes in Grays Harbor County, and at least he had 67 percent in Garfield County.

On the democratic side, Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders by a few thousand votes. But the party will ignore those results - they use the ongoing caucus process to allocate delegates. Bernie Sanders has won a majority of delegates in the state through caucuses.

The exact delegate breakdown for democrats will be final after the state convention in June.

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