Trump Backs Billy Williams To Keep US Attorney For Oregon Job

Nov 20, 2017

President Donald Trump has nominated Billy Williams to be Oregon's top federal law enforcement official in the state. Williams has been serving as the districts’ Interim U.S. Attorney since 2015.

The White House announced Williams along with other nominees for U.S. Attorney in districts across the country.

In a statement, the White House said "these candidates share the President’s vision for 'Making America Safe Again.'”

Williams’ appointment must be confirmed by the U-S Senate.

He said in a statement that he was deeply honored by the nomination and if confirmed, looks forward to continuing to serve.

Several other lawyers, including Oregon House Minority Leader Mike McLane, had expressed interest in the job.

Williams has worked as a federal prosecutor in Oregon since 2000. Before that he was a prosecutor in the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office.

In August, Oregon’s U.S. Senators have sent a letter supporting Williams’ nomination.

Williams is well-known by law enforcement around the state. The Oregon Sheriff’s Association also supported his nomination.

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