A True Masterpiece: Lost In The Trees

If you feel like being surrounded by mystery, enchantment, and beauty then Lost In The Trees’ new album, A Church That Fits Our Needs is a stellar fit.  The album has a special feeling.  Like that moment when you’re shoe shopping and you find a pair that fits your foot in a perfect way.  That might be a strange comparison, but my heart rushes when I listen to this album.  The movement of every song on this album is impeccable, leaving you with a feeling of hope and wonder.  With the lush-like vocals, lyrics, and sounds of cellos, violin, viola, tuba, piano, guitar bass, and percussion the combinations draw you in quickly.  The story of the album celebrates the life of songwriter Ari Picker’s mother.  The lyrics are extremely sad and chaotic; including stories of her mother’s depression, death, cancer and suicide, but in a way that turns all of this sadness into a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece.  With the aid of a folk orchestra in Chapel Hill, N.C. this album is truly a gem.  I highly advise you to put this album on repeat, I know I will. 

A Church That Fits Our Needs will be released on March 20th, but you can have afirst listen to it thanks to NPR Music here.