Trinity Ridge Fire Gets Closer To Featherville

Aug 21, 2012

More than a thousand fire fighters in Idaho are working to protect homes as a massive wildfire moves closer to the mountain communities of Pine and Featherville. Sadie Babits reports.

The Trinity Ridge fire burning 100 miles northeast of Boise remains the state’s number one firefighting priority. That’s because the wildfire continues to threaten hundreds of homes in Pine and Featherville. Mary Christensen – a fire information officer – says thick smoke lifted and now the wildfire has picked up.

Christensen: "Fire fighters are working to establish protection for when the fire does come into town."

Dozens of people who live in Featherville evacuated over the weekend. Nearly 30 stayed behind. But Christensen says a dry, cold front expected Tuesday will usher in strong winds and thunderstorms. That will make it even harder for crews to protect homes.

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