Time May Be Running Out For Boise Mountain Lion

Oct 5, 2012

Boise continues to deal with the presence of a mountain lion. A police officer spotted the animal in the city Friday morning.  It was the fourth cougar sighting in the area this week. Today’s sighting was the first by law enforcement. It was consistent with others in that it occurred near the Boise River.

A representative of Idaho Fish and Game says a kill order for the animal has not been issued. But Evin Oneale says the longer the lion sticks around town, the more likely it is that it will have to be destroyed.

Necropsies on the last three mountain lions killed in Boise – including the most recent in May - showed they’d been eating pets. And when that happens, experts say the animal isn’t likely to leave and has to be killed.

Oneale says mountain lions are in Boise on a regular basis. He says what’s unusual is that this lion continues to put itself in places where humans can see it.

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