Time Capsule From The 50s Found At Hanford

Apr 3, 2013

Hanford Nuclear Reservation managers are trying to figure out who left a time capsule in the wall of a building there nearly 60 years ago. Demolition workers found a coffee can recently while they were tearing down a building near a reactor at the southeast Washington site.

Archeologist Tom Marceau is managing the find.

“When I first saw it, they had opened it just enough to see what was inside," Marceau says. "They noticed it was filled with newspapers. They all date to mid to late September of 1955. I’ve been trying to chase down these gentlemen, there were three gentlemen that put a note in there, and basically the note said to whom it may concern and they signed their names. It would be nice to find these three guys, or one of them, to find out what it was they were doing and why they put this in there. Obviously, the intent was to have it found someday, and here we are some 60 years later, we found it for them.”

The coffee can time capsule will be part of Hanford’s permanent collection of artifacts, or loaned out as a historical piece to museums.

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