Theaters React To Colorado Shooting

Jul 20, 2012

In the wake of the movie theater shooting in Colorado, theater owners have to consider something many have given little thought to in the past. Security. One big company, AMC Theaters, said Friday it will ban costumes and masks from its 300-plus movie houses. And the National Association of Theater Owners says it’s reviewing all security procedures.

At Boise, Idaho’s, art house theater, the Flicks, the staff sat down to talk about the incident. CEO Carole Skinner says most of the conversation was expressions of sympathy for the victims and their families, but she did re-emphasize some of Flicks’ policies.

Skinner: “I have reminded my staff that when they clean between each show to also double check each exit.”

That’s to make sure no one has propped open the doors that lock from the outside. In the past they checked those mostly so people couldn’t sneak in to see a free show. With reports that the Colorado shooter came through an exit door, that check has new significance.

Skinner says the Flicks has good security practices in place, but she adds no theater in Idaho, big or small, has things like its own security staff.

The New York Police Department says it will station officers at theaters showing the new Batman movie.

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