Tempers Flare As Oregon Session Continues

Mar 2, 2012

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon lawmakers will return to the capitol on Monday to try once again to wrap up their legislative session. Things got testy Friday as lawmakers differed on whether to keep working or adjourn for the weekend.

And during a floor debate in the House, one member told another to quote "shut your mouth." Lawmakers say the comment came from Republican Wayne Kreiger and was directed at Carolyn Tomei . The veteran Democrat took exception to the remark.

Carolyn Tomei: "I have never in my life been shouted at and told to ‘shut my mouth,’ and I certainly did not expect it on the floor of this House by someone that I worked with and that I respected."

When lawmakers return on Monday they'll attempt to put the finishing touches on a plan to re-balance Oregon’s state budget. Legislative leaders had hoped to wrap up earlier this week. But, the Oregon Constitution gives them until next Tuesday to finish their work.

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