Teens Charged As Adults, Plus A Surprising Claim In Court

Aug 28, 2013

Two sixteen year olds accused of beating and robbing a world war two veteran will be tried as adults in Spokane County District Court. That’s just one new layer in the death of 88 year old Delbert Belton.

The judge set bail at three-million dollars Tuesday for Kenan Adams-Kinard. The teen was arrested early Monday. Judge Debra Hayes says she set bail high because Adams-Kinard hid from police and is a flight risk. Monday, Hayes the judge set bail at two-million dollars for Demetrius L. Glenn Both are accused of beating Delbert Belton as he waited for a friend outside the Spokane Eagle’s Lodge. While in court today, prosecutors said one of the suspects claims that the 88-year old Belton was selling them crack cocaine but shorted them. Authorities have not said whether they have found any support to the claim. Belton’s family says claims of a drug deal are ridiculous. Tuesday the judge also ordered that Adams- Kinard be moved from juvenile jail to the Spokane county jail.

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