Taylor Bridge Fire Declared 100 Percent Contained

Aug 29, 2012

A damaging wildfire in central Washington has been declared 100 percent contained, this more than two weeks after it ignited. Correspondent Tom Banse reports.

The Taylor Bridge Fire reached full containment after firefighters verified nothing is burning within 300 feet of the wildfire's perimeter. That was a big job given that the wildfire charred 23,500 acres in rural Kittitas County.

At its peak, 1,000 people fought to stop the fire. In the end, it destroyed more than 60 homes and cabins.

The fire command says a crew of about 50 people will remain on the scene to patrol for hot spots and flare ups. They'll also work on erosion control and landscape restoration.

The wildfire started in a bridge repair work zone on State Highway 10. Exactly what activity generated the costly sparks remains under investigation.

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