Tax Credit Error Uncovered in WA Health Exchange

Oct 25, 2013

This week the state discovered an error that could mean some people would be paying more in premiums. 

The error came to light earlier this week, during a data audit. The agency estimates some 8,000 people were given incorrect tax credit amounts.

Michael Marchand is spokesperson for the state’s health exchange. 

“We are super disappointed to have discovered this and frankly find this situation unacceptable" says Marchand.

He says the cause of the problem was internal.

“Our system was using essentially different parameters to establish estimated household income than what the federal data services hub was using. And as a result, some of our applicants were not getting the correct tax credit information related to their premiums" says Marchand.

Marchand also said the problem on the website has since been fixed. In the meantime, the agency is working on solutions for customers whose applications have been affected, and will be contacting them soon. Marchand says consumers don’t have to take any action for now.

The error does not affect the 40,000 Medicaid applicants, or customers who enrolled without using tax credits.

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