Suspicious Shopping Bag Causes Washington State Capitol Evacuation

Aug 14, 2012

Washington state troopers evacuated the state capitol building in Olympia for several hours Monday morning due to a bomb scare. Washington State Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins says several witnesses saw a woman deposit a cloth shopping bag in the capitol rotunda and walk away.

"It was left on the state seal, which is roped off. That's a little out of the ordinary," Calkins says. "And then there were some writings in the bag that were not particularly threatening, but also just raised our suspicions a little bit. So we decided to go with the more conservative approach and be cautious." <p. calkins="" says="" detectives="" continue="" to="" investigate="" whether="" the="" suspicious="" bag="" was="" left="" with="" criminal="" intent="" or="" a="" political="" act.="" he="" would="" not="" go="" into="" more="" detail="" about="" bag's="" contents.="" <p=""> Relatively few staffers and tourists were in the capitol building when it was evacuated. The Washington Legislature is not in session during the summertime. </p.></p><p> Copyright 2012 Northwest Public Radio</p><p></p>