Sueann Ramella Steps Away From The Morning Edition Chair

Nov 26, 2014

Sueann Ramella with her daughter Coco and son Ari.
Credit Sueann Ramella

Before you read this, Sueann wants you to listen to this:

That's how she wants to be remembered. Rapping awkwardly and hitting her head against the mic.

But here's how we'll remember her.

After almost 15 years on the air, Sueann Ramella is stepping away from the mic - temporarily, to spend more time with her young family. While you won't be hearing her, you will still be able to enjoy her subtle style and mischievous wit as she continues to help guide our social media platforms.

Almost like a Story Corps segment - which Sueann knows so well - we had a chance recently to sit down and talk about things. An only child, Sueann is a native of McChord Air Force Base. From a young age, she says, she knew she would go into journalism and applied only to WSU as it had the best journalism school in the Northwest. As a sophomore in 1997 she landed her first part-time job with NWPR, and has been a mainstay ever since.

Highlights over those 17 years? Working with Garrison Keillor, meeting David Sedaris, interviewing Dan Rather - and having a ring-side view of history from 9/11 to Ebola, from Britney Spears to Miley Cyrus, from Bush to Obama, from then to now.

We also talked numbers, and they help tell the tale of why Sueann is taking a break:

  • 1 and 4 (ages of her kids)
  • 3:15 (when she gets up in the morning, five days a week)
  • 2.49 (cost of the bag of cookies she keeps in her car to soothe the commute)
  • 4 (when she sits down in the announcer's chair)
  • 12 (when she goes home)
  • 2 (shorthand for the month of February. To understand the significance, de-ice your car at 3:15 on a February morning in Moscow. She considers February the cruelest month of the year.)
  • 10x4x5x52x14.5 = 150,800 (the number of times she has said "Northwest Public Radio")

And the most telling statistic of all:

  • Millions (the number of listeners who will miss her morning calm)

Sueann's last regular morning on-air shift will be November 26th.