State Lotteries Report Brisk Sales In Advance Of MegaMillions Jackpot

Mar 29, 2012

SALEM, Ore. – Sales are brisk across the Northwest for Friday's MegaMillions drawing. The $540 million lottery jackpot is being called the largest in world history. The high-profile jackpot also means state lotteries of Oregon, Washington and Idaho are anticipating a payday of their own.

Fifty cents of every $1, MegaMillions ticket, goes to the lottery agency in each of the 42 states that participate. Lottery officials in the Northwest are using words like "extraordinary" and "exciting" to describe the amount of tickets being sold in the run up to Friday night's drawing. After expenses, lottery proceeds in Oregon, Washington and Idaho go toward things like state parks and education. People were lining up to buy tickets at a Safeway in Salem. Mark Hansen says he hopes one of his two tickets is the winner.

Mark Hansen: "I figure I'd split it among my family, which would be about eight ways, and then after that pay off my bills, buy a nice little farm property for me and my wife and child."

The odds of winning the jackpot are astronomical. One in 176 million. There's never been a MegaMillions jackpot winner in Oregon. Washington and Idaho have three between them.

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