State Librarian Hopeful Pleads Guilty To Padding Resume

May 24, 2012

A man who nearly became Oregon's State Librarian will now spend the next two years on probation for forgery. He pled guilty Thursday to going beyond just padding his resume. He forged documents showing that he had a degree from the University of Washington.

Last winter, Robert Hulshof-Schmidt was just weeks away from an internal promotion to the top spot at Oregon's State Library in Salem. Then, he suddenly withdrew his application and stopped showing up for work at the agency where he'd been employed for nearly seven years.

Library officials were mum on the about-face. Eventually someone else was named to the job.

Now, Hulshof-Schmidt has admitted in court to falsifying his resume. The Marion County District Attorney's office says the 46 year old produced fake documents to falsely claim he had a Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Washington.

Hulshof-Schmidt was convicted of second degree forgery. In addition to probation, he's not allowed to seek or hold a government job for the next two years.

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