Springfield, Ore. Man Released From Sudan Prison, Re-arrested

Aug 14, 2012

A Springfield man who was arrested in Sudan last month has been re-arrested on unknown charges. His pregnant wife is concerned for his safety.

30-year old Rudwan Dawod was in Sudan this summer working for human rights with the organization Sudan Sunrise. He was arrested July 3 at a student protest in Khartoum. Dawod is a Sudanese native, but moved to Springfield with his American wife Nancy in 2010.

Nancy Dawod says her husband was acquitted of terrorism charges Monday. But soon after the judge released him, National Intelligence Security Service officers re-arrested him.

Nancy Dawod: "They took him in a large car. Only one of our friends and a family member saw them taking him. Our friend yelled to him, he said, 'Where are they taking you?' And he said, 'I don't know.'"

Nancy Dawod says the NISS still has not said why Rudwan was re-arrested. She is expecting their first child, a girl, in September.

Dawod: "We're hoping that her daddy will be home before she comes."

The U.S. State Department has released a statement strongly urging the Sudanese government to release Rudwan Dawod. He is a permanent U.S. resident.

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