Springfield Man Released From Sudanese Prison

Aug 22, 2012

A Springfield, Ore., man who was imprisoned in Sudan has been released, and is trying to get home to his pregnant wife.

Rudwan Dawod, a native of Sudan, was arrested July 3 while participating in a student protest in Khartoum. He was beaten in prison, held on terrorism charges. Early last week a judge released him. But Dawod was re-arrested soon after. Finally, last Thursday, his wife Nancy Dawod found out Rudwan had been set free along with about eighty other political prisoners.

Nancy Dawod: "I can't even describe how I felt when I received the call from his attorney that he was there with his family. Of course, I called him immediately-- just a huge, huge relief."

Nancy Dawod says her husband is doing well and is trying to get his papers in order so he can return home. They're expecting a daughter in the next few weeks.

Nancy Dawod: "Her name is Sudan Niala Dawod. And really, she belongs to the people of Sudan. They're so excited for her. We have so much love and support from so many in the country. They're calling her their baby."

Nancy Dawod says as part of his release deal, Rudwan had to sight an agreement that he would not participate in any more protests in Sudan.

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