Spokane Poet, Rapper Isamu Jordan Mourned By Friends, Fans

Sep 6, 2013

Spokane music fans are mourning the death of a hip-hop artist who found an audience across the Northwest. Isamu Jordan was found dead at his home Thursday evening. 

Known as “Som” he was a well-known community leader, DJ, rapper, poet and newspaper reporter. He was 37. Jordan fronted the hip-hop orchestra the Flying Spiders. 

Jordan’s close friend, writer Jess Walter, says the musician had little tolerance for music that wasn’t positive. 

“The music he wrote was about community, and was really about music really being a bridge between people. And he was a wonderfully talented writer" says Walter.

Jordan is survived by his wife and two young sons. 

The Spokane County coroner says it’s investigating his death, but toxicology reports may take as long as eight weeks.

Flying Spiders Spokane's Finest video: