Special Session Looms In Olympia

Apr 25, 2013

Washington’s 105-day legislative session ends this Sunday. House Democrats took a nearly $1 billion tax vote Wednesday. But there’s still no budget deal. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins says Governor Jay Inslee stopped short of saying a special session will be necessary.

  Jenkins: “But he did say using a poker analogy it would take an inside straight to get everything done by Sunday’s deadline. And add to that he has a very long list of must-haves that include not only the two-year operating budget, but also a transportation funding package not to mention several controversial what you might call social issues like the so-called Reproductive Parity Act, so he’s got a long list of things he wants before the legislature goes home and all of that makes it seem like a special session is probably inevitable at this point.”

If the governor declares a special session it’s an automatic 30-day extension. But there’s no requirement that lawmakers use up all that time. If they get done sooner, they can adjourn.

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