Speakers Urge Idaho State Board Of Education To Reconsider UI "Flagship" Decision

Apr 18, 2012

It didn’t take long for supporters of the University of Idaho to raise the flagship issue again at the meeting of the Idaho State Board of Education in Moscow Wednesday.

Near the top of the agenda of the Board of Education meeting was a chance for members of the public to comment. Four of the five speakers signed to speak brought up the flagship issue, including Moscow State Representative Tom Trail, who criticized the Board for its action.

Tom Trail: “On the other hand, I want to compliment the Board for their decision. At no time in history has the ire of Vandal alumni, students, and supporters been raised to such a high level. This has resulted in stronger support and enthusiasm for the institution than ever before.”

The Board also heard from student leaders and the UI Faculty Senate, all asking that the Board reconsider its recent decision to remove the word ‘flagship’ from the university’s proposed mission statement.

Board members have said in the past that they didn’t want to elevate one of the state’s universities above any of the others in the institutional mission statements.

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