Sonics To Seattle Or Sacramento - More Details Emerge

May 15, 2013

The NBA’s Board of Governors meets in Dallas today (Wednesday) to decide whether the Sacramento Kings move to Seattle. Until a few days ago, it seemed clear that the answer was no. Now as KUOW’s Carolyn Adolph reports, the fate of the team is up in the air.

  "You all know what you have to do."

The Seattle group led by Chris Hansen was supposed to have lost.

Two weeks ago, an NBA committee voted unanimously to keep the Kings in Sacramento. The meeting today was expected to rubber-stamp that decision. But enter the Maloofs of Sacramento, the owners of the team.

"Remember, no one and I mean no one comes into our house and pushes us around."

Chelcie Ross as the Notre Dame coach in Rudy. Wrong sport -great analogy.

Because it is what the Maloofs are saying – they won’t be pushed around by the NBA. The Maloofs say they won’t sell to the Sacramento investor group. They could keep control over the team and they might even be able to move it to Seattle.

It depends on how much the NBA wants to block the Hansen group, which is hurling gobs of money at the Maloofs.

"This is your game now, gentlemen."

So will the NBA strike back? Is Sacramento done? Will Seattle get its Sonics? "Let’s get ‘im!"

We’ll see who - if anyone - wins this round later today.

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