Smoke Continues To Create Haze In Central Washington

Sep 13, 2012

Smoke continues to create a haze over central Washington. Several wildfires are burning near Wenatchee. Correspondent Jessica Robinson reports from the scene.

I’m standing at the top of Blewett Pass, west of Wenatchee on Highway 97. The elevation here is about 4,100 feet. But the air here is just clogged with this peach colored smoke.

Just looking off into the forest, you can barely see more than 100 yards in the distance. And the trees just sort of fade away into the smoke.

I was told that the closest fire to where I’m standing right now is just a mile and a half away. And there are dozens and dozens of others that crews are now battling. Even as I stand here, I can see ash falling out of the air and onto my clothes.

One thing that is interesting is that its kind of chilly up here. And that could give crews some relief is that they try to fight the fires in central Washington.

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