Senator Wyden Asks FBI For Sex Trafficking Data

Jun 26, 2012

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is asking the FBI to release data that some say could shed light on the murky world of child sex trafficking. Wyden made the request in letter addressed to FBI Director Robert Mueller. The Senator wants the FBI to release data on nearly 500 murders committed along the nation's highways. Most of the victims were women. Half of them are believed to have been prostitutes.

Carol Smolenski wants to know how many were minors.

She's the Executive Director of ECPAT USA, the American chapter of an international group that works against child sex trafficking. She says the records are valuable simply because there's so little data on the subject.

Smolenski: "For those of us who do policy we would really like to know just some concrete facts about who these people are in order to work on prevention and protection."

Smolenski says ECPAT sought the data through a Freedom of Information Act request. She says the FBI denied that request on the basis that it could jeopardize law enforcement methods and potentially violate the privacy of the victims' families.

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