Senator Murray Proposes Bill To Help Families Pay For Childcare

Oct 11, 2017

Washington Senator Patty Murray is proposing a bill to make child care more affordable and accessible.

The Democrat is touring child care facilities in Western Washington this week to talk about the legislation.

It would make twice as many children eligible for financial assistance.

The bill would also put more federal dollars toward child care and pre-school, lowering costs for low-and-moderate income families.

Murray says the first-of-its-kind bill would ensure parents don't pay more than they can afford.

"And I will tell you this, not investing in this is costing our country economically a lot more in the future," Murray said, "whether its in kids that end up incarcerated, or whether its parents themselves who are not contributing to the workforce because they don't have child care."

The changes are estimated to cost about 60-Billion dollars a year.

Murray says she knows it's a big investment, but one that would last for generations to come.

She introduced the bill last month with 26 other Democratic Senators.

It is not yet scheduled for a vote.

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