Secretary Salazar Visits Oregon to Promote Ecological Timber Sales

Feb 22, 2012

MEDFORD, Oregon -- Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar was in Southern Oregon Tuesday. He’s asked the Bureau of Land Management to prepare five new logging projects in Oregon that have an environmental twist. Amelia Templeton reports.

Secretary Salazar’s first stop was the Pilot Joe Timber sale. It’s on federal forest near Jacksonville, Oregon. A crew is using heavy machinery to thin this slope, removing Douglas fir trees. Logger Ed Hanscom points out trees marked with yellow paint. His crew is leaving them behind.

Hansom: “This flat, ugly topped one is more of a genuine old-growth and that’s what they want to save, and that’s what we’re here to do.”

About 40 percent of the trees in this stand will be thinned, and trucked to a Boise Cascade mill nearby. The BLM says the more open forest will be less fire-prone. And environmental groups have generally supported the project. Secretary Salazar is asking the BLM to prepare five new timber sales like this one, that blend commercial forestry with restoration principles.

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