Seattlelites Trying To Help Loved Ones In Puerto Rico

Oct 3, 2017

As the federal government continues to respond to the situation in Puerto Rico, many Seattlelites are working on their own ways to help.

Mark Mendez is organizing fundraisers in Seattle later this month.

His father is the mayor of a city called Aguadilla, who says water and food are still badly needed.

Mendez says he hopes Seattle can also help with the rebuilding effort.

"We need to help bring green power and decentralize the grid," Mendez said. "We need to help bring stronger structures to the island. Amazon and Microsoft, they could help with some of the infrastructure and smart grid."

When the island was hit by Hurricane Maria almost two weeks ago, it took days for many people in the U.S., including Mendez, to find out what happened to their loved ones.

"One of the most frustrating and stressful things was not hearing if your family members are alive," Mendez said. "And that's happening to millions of Puerto Ricans right now, across the United States."

Mendez says he's also hoping that people can put more pressure on the federal government to get supplies distributed throughout the island.

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