Seattle Sports Teams Visit Darrington

Apr 1, 2014

About a dozen Seattle Seahawks and Sounders players visited the Darrington area Monday.

In a statement the Seahawks company said the teams wanted to offer a brief distraction for families devastated by the landslide near Oso.

The Seahawks were one of the two teams that visited Darrington, Wash. to offer relief to the community affected by the fatal mudslide on Highway 530.
Credit Mike Morris

More than 300 parents and children turned out Monday afternoon at the Darrington Community Center.

Players from both teams signed autographs, tossed footballs and kicked soccer balls.

Gaby Botamanenko had on a knit Seahawks cap pulled almost down to her eyes--and a Russell Wilson jersey.

"I got so excited about this," said Gaby. "A lot of people got autographs. It was a crazy fun day.”

Her mom, Angela Botamanenko is an EMT.

She says she’s grateful for anything right now that can lift the mood even temporarily.

“We laughed so hard we played games," said Angela. "We ran. Every single kid was just so loud and happy."

After today it’s on to the new normal, she says.

Like most people in the area the Botamanenkos lost people close to them in the slide.

Moving forward will be a long process for everyone, she says.

“We’re going to focus on positive things," said Angela. "We’re going to love each other it’s a new normal. It’s really shift(ed) this town. Everybody is seeing life quite differently.”

The event was closed to the media.

In a statement the Seahawks said they were there to offer support and encouragement to residents free of questions and cameras.

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