Seattle Police Describe Shooting Video

Jun 1, 2012

Seattle police have released more details about Wednesday’s shootings, including what they saw on the security video from Café Racer. KUOW’s Ann Dornfeld reports.

In a Thursday news conference, Deputy Chief Nick Metz said reviewing the evidence was chilling work.

Metz: “I had the, I guess the unfortunate opportunity this morning to see the video of what happened at Café Racer. And in my almost 30 years in this department, I’ve never seen anything more horrific and callous and cold.”

Police say the video shows suspected shooter Ian Lee Stawicki walking into the café and apparently being refused service by the barista.

Assistant Chief Jim Pugel says the gunman sat down at a table, until a customer walked toward the door.

Pugel: “At that point the suspect stands up and starts shooting. Initially the person who was walking outside, and then just goes down the bar. He chases a few people and uh, he completes the shooting, puts the guns in his pockets, actually took a hat from one of the victims. Put it on his head and walked out.”

Pugel says the video showed that even more people could have been shot had it not been for the actions of one man in the café. A man he called a “hero.”

Pugel: “The hero picked up a stool and threw it at the suspect. Hit him. Picked up another stool as the suspect is shooting and now pointing at him. And hits him with another stool. During that time two or possibly three people made their escape.”

Pugel didn’t identify that “hero,” but said he may come forward.

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