Seattle Pacific University Student Subdues, Disarms Gunman

Jun 6, 2014

Seattle Police say it was a Seattle Pacific University Student who disarmed a gunman on campus Thursday.

Police have arrested the man they believe killed one person and wounded three others. At this point police believe the gunman acted alone and was not a student at the university. KUOW's Patricia Murphy reports.

Seattle Assistant Police Chief Paul McDonagh says it was student’s quick thinking that saved lives.

McDonagh: “Regular citizens stepped up and tried to do the right thing and I believe they prevented a more horrible tragedy.”

Seattle Police Captain Chris Fowler told reporters the gunman entered the school with a shotgun and fired several rounds.

Fowler: “A student monitor who works inside of that facility observed the suspect reloading the shotgun and was able to stop the individual at that point pepper sprayed that person then got him to the ground where other people inside the facility were able to subdue him, and they waited for police to arrive.”

Assistant chief McDonagh adds that before Thursday's shooting SPD and the University had discussed how they might handle such a scenario.

McDonagh: “And today’s events appear to us that those and policies and procedures that they worked so hard on not only were implemented but reduced the possibilities of this tragic event today. And so for that we’re very appreciative.”

Emergency responders are being credited as well for being prepared.

Seattle Fire Assistant Chief Jay Hagen says the Department activated the multiple casualty incident response plan.

That allowed first responders to secure the scene while creating pathway for ambulances to transport victims.

A 19-year-old man died at Harborview Medical Center. Three other people were hospitalized. A critically injured 20-year-old woman was taken to surgery, hospital according to a hospital spokesperson. A 24-year-old man and a 22-year-old man were in satisfactory condition.

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