Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Sends Latest Homeless Camping Plan To City Council

Oct 24, 2016

Homeless people would be allowed to camp in more places around Seattle, under a new plan from Mayor Ed Murray. The mayor sent his latest policy proposal to the city council Friday night.

When Murray first announced his plan earlier this month, he argued that it would give homeless people more options.

"That in locations that do not require immediate removal, the city will not displace people from unauthorized encampments unless we can provide them with a reasonable alternative of a place to go," Murray said.

The mayor also said that his plan would not allow homeless people to camp in parks, sidewalks or near schools. Murray's proposal also calls for tripling of the number of outreach workers dedicated to connecting with people living in encampments.

Murray's plan will cost more than $7 million, most of which Murray says is already included in his proposed budget for homeless resources. The city would need to find an additional half-million dollars to pay for the rest of Murray's plan.

Meanwhile, the council is also considering competing legislation that's supported by the ACLU.

There are about 3,000 homeless people in Seattle, according to this year's one night count.

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