Seattle City Attorney Recommends Celebrating New Marijuana Law 'At Home'

Nov 30, 2012

On Thursday, Dec. 6, it becomes legal in Washington state to possess small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. But until the state sets up a licensing system, there’s no place to legally buy or sell marijuana, except for medical use. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

Nevertheless, some fans of the new law have proposed a “smoke-in” at Seattle Center Thursday.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes supported the new law. He says people should celebrate, for lots of reasons – just not by smoking pot in public.

“I think that they should acknowledge this newfound right. I think they should celebrate in the privacy of their homes if they choose to do so. And be thankful that we’re no longer arresting some 10,000 Washingtonians a year in the state of Washington and spending well over $100 million dollars in law enforcement resources on that. And especially be grateful for lessening the racially disproportionate impact that these crazy drug laws have on our communities of color.”

The new law also sets a legal limit for marijuana in a driver’s bloodstream. It can result in a conviction for driving under the influence.

Some medical marijuana providers opposed this blood limit. They have filed a lawsuit in Thurston County Court. They’re seeking to have the new law declared unconstitutional.

A hearing in the lawsuit is scheduled for Friday, Dec.7.

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