Sea Turtles Recovering In Oregon Coast Aquarium

Dec 19, 2012

Two endangered turtles are recovering at an Oregon aquarium. Storms washed them Monday onto Northwest beaches far from their warm ocean habitats. One is a loggerhead and the other a green sea turtle. Both turtles are in critical condition at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport.

Lance Beck is with the aquarium. He explains how warm-water turtles react to Oregon’s colder waters.

Beck: “They don’t technically hibernate, but they shut down their systems to survive, and that’s when they end up floating ashore at that point.”

It’s uncommon for sea turtles from warm waters to be pushed so far north of their usual habitats.

Both of these turtles are suffering from low body temperatures. The turtles are being slowly warmed and hydrated with IV fluids.

If they live, they likely will be taken to Sea World in San Diego for more rehabilitation and possible return to the wild.

Both turtles are listed as endangered by the federal government.

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