Sea Shepherd Files Suit in Oregon To Freeze Assets Of Japanese Whaling Group

Feb 12, 2013

An anti-whaling group has filed a lawsuit in Oregon court in an effort to freeze the assets of a Japanese whaling fleet. EarthFix reporter Amelia Templeton says it’s the latest twist in a legal battle that began with a confrontation at sea.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is based in Friday Harbor Washington.

The group sends boats to harass and sabotage Japanese whaling ships near Antarctica. In 2010 a Japanese vessel ran into a small Sea Shepherd boat called the Ady Gil. TV cameras captured the chaotic scene.

Each side claims the other was responsible for the crash.

Sea Shepherd is now under a temporary court order to stay at least 500 yards away from the whaling fleet. The Japanese hope to make the order permanent.

Susan Hartland is with Sea Shepherd. She says they are countersuing, and seeking $3 million dollars.

Hartland: "We have sued for the loss of the Ady Gil, because their ship ran it over and sliced it in half. And we would like them to be accountable for that."

A spokesman for the Japanese whaling fleet did not respond to a request for comment.

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