Ryan Fundraiser Draws Protesters

Sep 11, 2012

Protesters greeted Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan on his fundraising visit to Portland Monday. Rob Manning of Oregon Public Broadcasting has more.

More than 100 demonstrators turned out for Ryan’s fundraiser at Portland's Governor Hotel. Many of them were connected to abortion rights organizations, though a dozen or so Ryan supporters were there holding Romney-Ryan campaign signs. The candidate himself stayed out of the public eye and most of the protesters were gone by the time donors, like Albert Angelo III, emerged from the hotel.

Angelo says he liked Ryan’s “small government” message.

Angelo: “Government should be an aide, not something that takes care of its people. It should be there to protect and serve, but not to put a handout if you will. He definitely mentioned many times, about getting back on track, those conservative values, and working across the aisle. That was huge to me.”

Some demonstrators were critical of the kinds of economic policies that donors like Angelo support.

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