Rosenblum 'Honored' At Attorney General Appointment

Jun 6, 2012

Ellen Rosenblum says she's "honored" to be selected as Oregon's first female Attorney General. That was the announcement Wednesday from Governor John Kitzhaber. The news comes just as she picks up a Republican challenger in the November election.

Rosenblum is a retired state judge who had the inside track to replace Kroger by virtue of winning the Democratic nomination last month. She'll take the oath of office June 29th, the same day Kroger officially steps down to become president of Reed College in Portland. The appointment assures that she'll be Attorney General for at least six months. She could tack on another four years if she wins the general election in November. Rosenblum says she's already spoken with Kroger about making the transition as smooth as possible.

Ellen Rosenblum: "What I want to assure the people is that my focus is on the job, on doing a great job. And I think if that's what I do, then hopefully things will go smoothly in November."

Republicans didn't field a candidate in the May primary. But the Secretary of State's office says a preliminary review of write-in ballots shows that Portland attorney James Buchal is on track to secure the GOP slot on the general election ballot in November.

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