Ron Paul Supporters Keep Wash. GOP Convention Lively

Jun 1, 2012

Both the Washington state Republicans and Democrats are gathering at state conventions today.

The Republican state convention is being kept lively by supporters of Ron Paul for president. They seem to make up about one third of the crowd here.

One of Mitt Romney’s sons, Josh, spoke this morning and asked for support for his father.

He was followed by Matt Dubin for the Ron Paul campaign. Dubin said Ron Paul’s supporters are not going to unify behind Romney.

Matt Dubin: “Many of you believe the nomination is in the bag. I don’t share that belief. I believe the nomination isn’t over until the votes are cast in Tampa, and that there are still issues worth fighting for. ”

I spoke with Beva Miles, she chairs the Romney campaign in Spokane County. She says Ron Paul supporters have what she called a “Hail Mary” strategy to nominate Ron Paul from the floor of the national convention so they want to send as many delegates as they can.

This afternoon that election of delegates is set to begin.

The Democrats are also kicking off their state convention in Seattle. They’ll hear from Newark mayor Cory Booker tonight .

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