Ron Paul Draws On Idaho’s Libertarian Streak On Eve Of Caucus

Mar 5, 2012

SANDPOINT, Idaho - Republican presidential contender Ron Paul paid a visit to north Idaho Monday on the eve of the state’s Super Tuesday caucus. Political analysts expect Mitt Romney to do well in Idaho. But Paul’s campaign say their loyal supporters could garner a good share of Idaho’s 32 delegates.

More than a thousand people packed a drafty fairgrounds building in Sandpoint, Idaho. The Texas Congressman wasted no time getting to issues that set him apart from other Republican candidates.

Ron Paul: “If we were to obey the constitution, guess what, -- there would be no Federal Reserve system at all.” (Wild applause)

The crowd was a mix of voters, fresh-faced and bearded, REI jackets brushing up against hunting camo. Shannon Meredith voted for President Obama in 2008, and she’s been disappointed. Meredith says this time it’s Ron Paul or nothing.

Shannon Meredith: “I’m not sure that I would vote. If Ron Paul’s out, I’m not sure how much it matters, honestly.”

Twenty-two-year-old Sarah Byrum liked what Paul had to say about small government. But this young Idaho voter says she’s leaning toward Romney.

Sarah Byrum: “I am highly pro-life and I feel like Ron Paul isn’t exactly the kind of supporter of pro-life that I wish he were …”

Paul plans to spend Super Tuesday wrapping up his swing through Idaho before heading on to North Dakota.

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Ron Paul is scheduled to hold a town hall meeting at the Civic Center in Nampa, Idaho on Tuesday at noon.