Ron Paul Draws Fervent Crowd Of Supporters In Spokane

Mar 2, 2012

On the day before Washington’s republican caucus, presidential contender Ron Paul visited Spokane for his second time.

Not more than two minutes into Ron Paul’s opening, he brought up the race for the republican nominee.

“We keep coming back to Washington because we expect to do real well here”.

Three topics remained clear in Paul’s campaign: the federal reserves, governmental control, and war.

“And we don’t have a right to invade another country that has not attacked us, no matter what kind of government they have”.

Paul’s supporters were a very vocal group. When he denounced war and the U.S.’s knowledge of the 9-11 attacks, one man in the back of the room shouted loudly “thank you for saying that!”

Paul’s rally ended with a question and answer opportunity for the crowd. Questions were unique, ranging from higher education prices, and what books he recommends, but his answers seemed to point in one direction each time: “get rid of the federal reserve”. And by the fourth question, Paul got a brief standing ovation…

“I was just wondering if you ever think that there’s a time to put your party ahead of your principles… ‘Never’… (cheers)”.

Paul has some fervent supporters in Spokane, but nationwide he has fewer GOP convention delegates than the other nominees. Paul has collected eight. Washington has 43 delegates up for grabs.

The republican caucus meetings begin at 10 am across the state on Saturday.

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