Romney Campaigns In Boise

Feb 17, 2012

BOISE, ID – Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney visited Boise today for a private lunch and public rally. More than twelve hundred people turned out for that rally at a company that makes modular housing projects.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney played up his business credentials at his Boise rally.

Mitt Romney: "By the way, I don’t have to learn how to be a fiscal conservative or a deficit hawk. You see, if you’ve worked in business you’re automatically a fiscal conservative because if you're not you're out of business all right. Because you can't spend more money than you take in every year."

Romney’s experience in running a company, bringing order to the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, and governing a state resonated with many in the audience. Nearly everyone we spoke with cited these experiences as reasons why they support him. Hart and Jory Beal came to the rally from Meridian with their two kids. Their top issue is the same as Romney’s, the economy.

Hart Beal: (00:11): We have too much debt. A normal household could not run itself with the amount of debt and I think we’re going in the wrong direction by continuing to increase the deficit.
Romney’s private lunch earlier today raised at least $300,000 for his campaign.

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