Ride The Ducks Seattle Lawyers: Manufacturer Knew About Axle Defects Earlier

Oct 2, 2017


Lawyers for Ride The Ducks Seattle say the manufacturer of its amphibious tour vehicles should have sounded the alarm louder and sooner over defective axles.

A broken axle is what caused a duck vehicle to crash into a bus on the Aurora Bridge two years ago.

The crash killed five and left dozens injured. Since then, several victims and their families have filed lawsuits. Pat Buchanan is a lawyer for Ride The Ducks Seattle.

She says the company that makes the vehicles knew there were problems as early as 2003. 

"And had the manufacturer done what they were supposed to do and report these fractures and do an early recall, we would not have had this accident in 2015 on the Aurora Bridge,” Buchanan said.

Ride The Ducks Seattle is asking the court to let them depose the manufacturer about previous axle problems.

Buchanan said  it could affect the result of the ongoing civil litigation.

 The manufacturer, called Ride The Ducks International, admitted it failed to issue a recall and entered into an agreement last year with federal traffic safety regulators.

 Lawyers for Ride The Ducks International could not be reached for comment.

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