Residents Report Central Washington Smells Like Smoke

Sep 13, 2012

The smell of smoke hangs in the air across much of central Washington Wednesday. At least four significant wildfires are burning around Wenatchee, making the skies hazy. Vicky Cibcki works at the Anjou Bakery near the town of Cashmere.

Cibicki: “I live within biking distance. I usually bike to work but I didn’t today because it was too smoky. It was burning my eyes last night.”

Niki Whaley manages the Moonlight Motor Lodge north of Wenatchee. She says the front line of one blaze came close Tuesday night.

Niki Whaley: “And it came down the mountain toward the motel. It was really smoky for most of the night. And you could see it. The flames were pretty big. It was pretty cool to watch. I mean, it’s sad to see all that happen. But there was a lot of people pulling over on the highway.”

About 150 homes have been evacuated near Wenatchee, along with another 40 near Cashmere. Fire managers have told even more people to be ready to leave their homes.

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