Republican Take-Over Of Wash. Senate Results In $1.75M Workplace Claim

Apr 4, 2012

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A Republican takeover of the Washington state senate last month could prove costly. A longtime lawyer for the Senate Republican caucus is now demanding $1.75 million in damages. He says to muster enough votes to control the senate, Republicans lifted sanctions against a senator who created a hostile work environment.

Two years ago, State Senator Pam Roach was ousted from the Republican caucus. She was also prohibited from dealing directly with senate staff. Those sanctions followed a formal investigation. It determined Roach had verbally abused senate Republican lawyer Mike Hoover. This was just the latest in a decade-long string of workplace incidents involving Roach. But earlier this year, Roach was welcomed back into the Senate Republican caucus. She was a key 25th vote to pass a minority budget with the help of three breakaway Democrats. Acting Senate Republican leader Linda Evans Parlette confirms the deal.

Linda Evans Parlette: “She came into our caucus not with full privileges, but to join us in caucus discussions because she joined us in a vote.”

Hoover’s demand for compensation includes this detail. He says he was hospitalized with chest pains after learning that he would have to deal with Roach again. Hoover says he can no longer continue to work for Senate Republicans. Senator Roach did not immediately return messages.

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