Reps Defend Bill For Southern Oregon Harvests

Apr 11, 2013

Three Oregon Congressmen urged colleagues Thursday to consider a new plan for forest management in Southern Oregon. Their bill aims to stave off insolvency in some communities.

Oregon Congressmen urged colleagues to consider a new plan for forest management in Southern Oregon.
Credit Jsayre64 / Wikimedia Commons

Republican Greg Walden made the case for a bill he's sponsoring with Democrats Peter Defazio and Kurt Schrader. 

"What would the outcry be in the Portland area if Intel or Nike shut down? Ask folks in John Day, Wallowa or Hines. It's devastating."

The bill would provide a new dual structure for forests in Southern Oregon's O&C Counties. Part of the land would be held for conservation. The rest would be managed for timber harvests, with proceeds for the counties.

Representative Raul Labrador of Idaho said federal aid to timber-dependent counties was meant to be temporary. But Defazio called the plan a cost-saver.

“When this legislation is fully implemented, it’ll save the federal government up to $100 million a year, which is what we’re paying not to manage these lands through the Department of Interior," Defazio says.

Some environmental groups oppose the plan, saying it will harm forest health and water quality.

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