Renewed Calls For Military-Style Weapons Ban In Washington

Oct 3, 2017


There are renewed calls for gun reform in Washington state this week.

It comes in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, in which 59 people were killed.

Authorities said among the weapons, the gunman had devices to make semi-automatic guns shoot more rapidly.

The Seattle non-profit Washington Ceasefire said it's time to outlaw high-capacity magazines here.

The group's board president, Ralph Fascitelli , said that type of ban could reduce the number of shooting deaths.

"These are military style assault weapons that are marketed as such,” Fascitelli said. “They're not hunting tools. Nobody needs a hundred bullets a minute to shoot a deer, and nobody needs a hundred bullet capacity to guard their house."

His group is backing a proposed bill in Washington state that would prohibit most people from buying military style weapons.

It would also limit gun-magazines to no more than 10-rounds of ammunition.

The National Rifle Association said the proposal would only restrict law-abiding gun owners from being able to defend themselves, and that the proposal is an attempt to repeal the Second Amendment.

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