Reducing Hanford’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Apr 20, 2012

When you think of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, its radioactive legacy usually comes to mind. But, as correspondent Courtney Flatt reports, there’s more to clean up than just the site’s nuclear waste.

The Department of Energy wants to cut back commuter traffic at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site.

Nearly 10,000 workers travel to and from Hanford on a daily basis. That’s a lot of traffic, and most of those cars hold just one person.

KC Kuykendall is an advisor for the project. He says several commuting alternatives are being discussed: carpooling, telecommuting and moving some employees to offices in Richland, Wash.

Kuykendall: “Not only are we reducing the greenhouse gases, but we’re radically reducing the volume of traffic.”

Kuykendall says, together, these efforts could reduce Hanford’s total greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent.

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