Propane And Butane Export Terminal Proposed For Longview, Wash.

Apr 11, 2014

A Houston-based company has proposed exporting liquefied propane and butane from a terminal in Longview, Wash.

Propane and butane are two of the gases released during crude oil production in the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota.

Right now, about 30 percent of these kinds of crude oil byproducts are burned off or flared on site.

A new company called Haven Energy wants to capture the propane and butane in the mix and export it. To do that, the company would ship it in pressurized trains to a site at the Port of Longview. It would store the fuel in refrigerated tanks and load it onto ships headed to places that could include Mexico, Asia and Hawaii.

Greg Bowles is the president of Haven Energy's parent company Sage Midstream. He says the project would make use of fuels that are otherwise being wasted.

"It captures usable energy out of something that is being burned, and CO2 emissions emitted without any useful gain from it," says Bowles.

Opponents of other energy export projects say they want to know more about how the project will be evaluated for safety risks.

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