Problems with Listen Live in Windows 10?

Apr 20, 2017

If you're having trouble streaming our Listen Live service on Windows 10, please see below for a possible solution to your problem. Windows 10 default program "Groove" is not compatible with our Listen Live service. If the file is only opening with "Groove", follow the instructions to open the file with a compatible program. For most people, this is Windows Media Player. VLC Media Players is also a compatible program.

  1. Click on "Listen Live" and choose Classics, News, or Jazz.
  2. A pop-up for the download will appear - this will be separate window in Chrome. In Edge (a.k.a. Explorer), it is a bar at the bottom of the webpage.
    In Chrome: Instead of clicking on the file to open, click the small arrow next to the file and select, "Show in Folder"
    In Edge: Click "Open Folder"
  3. Right click the file and select "Open With", then choose Windows Media Player.
    The file will buffer. This may take some time depending on your internet connection.
  4. Enjoy your Northwest Public Radio service!

If you want to skip these next steps in the future, you can set Windows Media Player to be your default program.

  1. Type the word Default into the search box next to the windows icon.
  2. Select Default Programs
  3. Select Groove under Music Player. A menu will pop up of other available music programs.
  4. Select Windows Media Player. Make sure it is showing as the default program for music.
  5. Close the Default Programs window and all open internet browsers.
  6. Reopen your browser of choice and click on Listen Live, choose Classics, News, or Jazz. 
  • In Edge, Windows Media Player should automatically pop up.
  • In Chrome, the download window will appear, so simply click on the download to begin the stream.
  • Did this troubleshooting work?
  • If not, try restarting your computer and repeat the steps above.
  • Did that work?
  • If not, try again with a different web-browser.
  • If that didn't work...
  • Try listening on a different device. 

  For further assistance, be as specific as possible with us about your problem and email us at: