Pro-Coal Alliance Launches Ad Campaign

Jul 26, 2012

A campaign is kicking off in the Northwest to build support for coal exports. The Alliance for Northwest Jobs and Exports includes major mining companies, railways and labor groups, all signing on to support coal export terminals in Oregon and Washington. The group is launching newspaper, radio, and television ads.

Opponents say transporting and burning coal is bad for the environment.

Lauri Hennessey is with the alliance. She says coal can be brought to the Northwest in environmentally safe ways.

Hennessey: “We want those concerns to come up in all the public review processes and offer our help to the federal government in those processes, but also listen to the concerns people have. This is just an opportunity to give the other side.”

Ross Macfarlane works with Climate Solutions. It opposes coal exports. Macfarlane says the advertising paid in part by out-of-state companies will galvanize anti-coal activists.

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