Pot Stores Open Around Washington

Jul 9, 2014

Washington’s recreational marijuana market is open for business. From Seattle to Bellingham to Prosser, marijuana stores opened for business Tuesday. Excited customers lined up, dressed up and celebrated the end of pot prohibition. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins has this wrap-up.

Marijuana retailers opened across the state Tuesday.
Credit Mark / Flickr

The first legal sale of recreational marijuana at Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham brought cheers and applause.

But the first buyer wasn’t even from Washington. Cale Holdsworth hails from Kansas.

Holdsworth: “I have two grams of OG Pearl Cush here and I paid $26.50 including tax.”

The sense of history in the making was what brought a lot of people out on day one of pot sales. In Spokane, Mike Boyer was so determined to be a part of that legacy he camped out overnight in front of Spokane Green Leaf.

Boyer: “Ya, I want to be the number one guy in Spokane. I want that title for life. ‘The first guy to buy recreational weed legally in Spokane.’”

And he won that title. Washington’s Liquor Board says it will continue to issue retail licenses over the coming weeks. Eventually Washington could have 334 pot stores.

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