Portland Manufacturer Challenges Its Ranking As Top Toxic Polluter

Aug 30, 2013

Portland-based manufacturer Precision Castparts is denouncing a recent study that ranked the company number one in the nation for toxic air pollution.

The Toxic 100 Air Polluters list was released last week by the University of Massachusetts. And Precision Castparts was at the top of the list. But in an news release this week, the company said it has reviewed the study and found it to be misleading and based on flawed assumptions. The company claims the study inflated the toxicity levels of some air pollutants. Most chromium emissions were assumed to be the most toxic form of chromium, the company said, when really most of its facilities' emissions are a less toxic form of the metal. The company also argued that the study mis-used data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency to reach conclusions about the risks posed by individual facilities. The study's co-author Michael Ash says his study used the EPA's toxicity level estimates, which aren't as specific as he would like them to be. However, he says he is comfortable with the way the study used the data.

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